What the...

Ten Thousand Bricks is a blog for SaaS bootstrappers.

Q: Why a blog?
A: I'm working on my 3rd software business, and want to teach people everything I know about creating something from nothing.

Q: How are you qualified?
A: I've been an entrepreneur all my life. My most recent business was acquired by a big, publicly traded company after 4 years. I built the company from zero to one, with no venture funding.

Q: Why another startup?
A: Innovate baby. For me, the only true work is creating something from nothing. It's exhilarating. I think everyone wants meaningful work and meaningful relationships. I made a lot of mistakes at my previous company. This time, I will take those lessons and create the company I truly want.

Q: What's the key to success?
A: There's no "one" single key. But, one of the most important success factors is critical thinking in the product roadmap. This strategy requires the product roadmap be architected such that new features are added into the product early and often. Building a product for a long time without customers starves the business of revenue. The other important success factor is capital efficiency.

Q: What do you mean by capital efficiency?
A: Being smart with money. Software operating expenses should be a relatively small portion of the income statement... if you are thoughtful about decisions.

Q: Why should I read this?
A: By reading my work, you can dodge a lot of the mistakes I made. (Hopefully).

Q: You're making this up, right?
A: Yup. We're building the airplane as we fly it.