April 14, 2020

Bureaucrats Baby!

Today I had a Zoom meeting to discuss how to create training materials for an upcoming software release.

There were 12 people in the meeting. We only needed two people in the meeting. Really only one.

Actually, let me set the stage for you... there were 12 people in the meeting:
• 8 people from a large, publicly traded bank
• 4 people from a large, publicly traded company (my co)

All bureaucrats. All trying to get their "say" on events. All actually doing nothing except wasting an hour on the meeting.

Now, I understand amid Covid-19, everyone is trying to keep their jobs. As a bureaucrat, scheduling and attending meetings = keeping your job. So what happens? Meetings happen.

The solution to the above?
- Fire up ScreenFlow.
- Record a video describing how to do the new actions.
- Edit the video.
- Publish.

That's 1 hour of work (if that) people.

Buuuut, that also means 11 people are out of a job.