February 7, 2020

Content Marketing

Creating lasting (evergreen) content for your SaaS business is a time-consuming slog. But, one that pays off big time in the future... You just have to keep at it.

Content Marketing

A lot has been said about content marketing in the last few years... some good, some bad. I think it's a viable customer acquisition strategy. However, it's hard and time consuming!

Content Marketing as a Customer Acquisition Channel

There are a number of different channels to acquire a customer for your SaaS business. (Read more about CAC and LTV here.)

One tried-and-true customer acquisition channel that works is content marketing.

Content marketing can be boiled down to the following:

Creating valuable content that helps the reader understand topics better.

I could expand on the above generalization, but that's pretty much it. Create great content that helps people.

The problem with content marketing is, the results take time. If you run a Google or Facebook PPC campaign, you'll see results pretty quick. Not so with content marketing. Unfortunately, this strategy takes awhile. :(

Evergreen Content

The goal for any content marketing is to create "evergreen content". This is essentially content that never gets old and delivers value over years.

Content is hard to track and quantify. You could write a high-quality blog post every week and not see any traffic for months! Then, suddenly, boom! Traffic!

My goal with Sagenine is to get 70+% of traffic from organic search. It's a slog.

At my first SaaS company, there were multiple weeks where I created tons of content, agonized and optimized page titles and meta data, got valuable backlinks from high ranking sites... and still, the traffic was flat.

Then, there were times where I didn't produce and post any content, and the Google traffic grew steadily.

Outsourcing Content to Freelance Writers and Agencies

Finding good copywriters is hard. And frankly, I have not been successful at this.

Even paying top dollar for writers has left me unimpressed. The writing is just okay. Not great. Not bad. Just okay.

That sucks.

Nobody will link to your content, let alone read your content if it sucks.

The best route is to write it yourself.

I just published a long-form blog post for Sagenine titled:
How to Start a Lawn Mowing Business With No Money

I think the post is filled with great, actionable content. This is the first of many evergreen blog posts for Sagenine. I'm excited about it.

Writing original content for your business is mentally draining. It's hard. And, it takes a long time to research and produce. Making something that is engaging and clear, takes time and effort.

But, if it were easy...

Sagenine Features This Week

We got a lot done this week!

More marketing pages went live:
Field Service Client Manager
Service Scheduling Software
Sagenine's Smart Mapping
Mobile App for Field Service Techs

On the technology side, Mr. X has been crushing the back-end business logic and making Sagenine run super smooth.

Also, he started rocking out the Invoicing section of Sagenine!

A lot of progress has been made this week. And I'm super excited to see it all come together.