June 2, 2020

How Open Minded Are You?

When introducing a new idea, product or service to a prospect, the phrase: "How open-minded are you?" ... And, following up with the scenario you want them to opt-in to, allows you to naturally attract people to the very thing you want them to do (do something, buy your product, etc).

With human psychology, people want to be recognized and thought of as "open-minded".

Nobody wants to be viewed as "close-minded".

The words "close-minded" creates a negative feeling. Very few–to almost zero–people would like to be considered close-minded.

This phrase seems like you're giving your prospect a choice: Closed; or Open. More than 90% of your prospects will want to be "Open".

Use this to your benefit in sales calls, landing pages and in your copywriting.

Here are some examples:

  • Would you be open-minded about giving this a chance?
  • How open-minded are you about increasing your employees efficiency?
  • Would you be open-minded about working together?

When introducing a new idea, start with "How open-minded are you ... ". This simple phrase gives you a fair advantage within your conversations.  

Everybody wants to be open-minded. By using this phrase, it helps you move the conversation further along.