January 2, 2024

One Year Hiatus

In 2024, one of my primary aims is to devote more time to writing. It just dawned on me that my last post on this site dates back to December 2022 – quite a while ago. Disappointing, to say the least.

Moving forward, my focus for 2024 revolves around boosting sales. While 2023 brought in a significant influx of new clients—electric cooperatives, public utility districts, and mines—increasing sales remains a priority.

Through my writing endeavors, I'm delving deeper into research to expand my knowledge base. My process involves reading, interpreting, reviewing, and writing. I hope you find valuable insights within my musings.

When it comes to marketing and sales, the essence lies in influencing human behavior. Crafting messages, refining offers, effective copywriting, and impactful visuals—these elements engage both the rational and emotional facets of the human mind. A successful marketing approach appeals to both sides.

For 2024, I plan to incorporate more emotionally resonant messages for PZM. Emotions play a crucial role in decision-making, often quicker than rational thought. It's this emotional response that fuels purchase decisions.

Reflecting on last year, we encountered situations where top-level decision-makers hesitated due to the perception that implementing PZM might be arduous, despite our streamlined implementation process. This taught me a crucial lesson: even in the realm of business, emotions wield significant influence. Enterprise-level prospects demand more than just price and features; they require an emotional connection. Our focus should emphasize the PZM experience in managing high-voltage electrical assets.

Executives in various sectors, including electric utilities, water, wastewater, and mining, make pivotal data-driven choices daily, impacting their companies and employees. My goal is to assist prospects in visualizing themselves utilizing PZM to drive these decisions. Establishing a connection through emotion leads to interest, while rationality supports the decision-making process.