May 15, 2020

Progressive Disclosure in User Interface Design

A great method for quickly getting users onboarded to your SaaS product is by designing progressive disclosure.

With progressive disclosure, you gradually reveal features. The goal with this is to get people used to the interface... get them to the desired goal quickly.

As your users get familiar with your software, start showing them your more complex features. Power users don't start out power users--they get there over time.

The goal with progressive disclosure is to keep the interface simple for new users, and progressively open advanced features to create power users.

With Sagenine, the goal is to create field service software for lawn and landscape companies first. Then, over time, market the software to more complex industries like HVAC and plumbing.

This is progressive disclosure for industry specific verticals. We're doing this so that we can get Sagenine out into the world faster. It's much easier to create software for lawn and landscape businesses, than it is for HVAC companies.