November 29, 2019

You're Never Too Old to Embark on a New and Exciting Adventure

It's never too late to make a big life change. Start your next chapter today. Don't wait. It doesn't matter how old you are. Just start. Remember to have fun. Success will follow.

You're Never Too Old to Embark on a New and Exciting Adventure

People love to glorify success at a young age... You've seen it: the "40 under 40 club" the "30 under 30 club" and so on.

If you haven't been nominated to join these "young" clubs, don't let that deter you. Don't let it bring you down.

I'm 45 years old now. For many software engineers out there, I'm a dinosaur, a has-been. Too old to do anything.

Ha! What internal joy this brings me to hear people talk like this.

The fact is, I'm having more fun now than any other time in my professional career. I'm creating kick ass software for lawn mowing companies. Everyday, I wake up, looking forward to creating something amazing.

So, if you're confused about what you're doing with your life... if you feel ashamed because you haven't "figured it out" before you turned 30... don't worry. Don't let that shit bring you down!

Live life in the present. Live life for today!

Being able to fiercely love and enjoy the journey you're on for as long as you're alive is the true key to happiness and success!

Take your work seriously, but doesn't take yourself too seriously. Have fun with what you're doing. Think about what you want from life, and make a plan to bring it to reality.

Prioritize fun first, then every accomplishment and accolade is merely a bonus.

And, the most important part: You are NEVER too old to start. Just start. Enjoy the ride.